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Solarcoin is a Scrypt based alternative digital currency and its innovation comes from the secondary proof of work reward: the Solar Proof of Work. Green solar energy producers are entitled to receive one SLR for every MWh electricity generated.

In order to claim a Solar Proof of Work reward, solar plant owners must submit 3rd party verified energy generation certificates such as a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) or equivalent country specific documentation. All Solar Proof Of Work rewards will be stored as transactions in the blockchain.


The supply of SLR comprises of the following:

  • The Mining Pool: 105 million Solarcoins (0.1%) to be publicly mined over the next 40 years. All publicly mined Solarcoins represent historically generated and unclaimed solar electricity. 
  • The Generator Pool: 97.5 billion SolarCoins (99.4%) are currently stored in the OCA non-circulating generation pool account. These will be exchanged for Solar Proof of Work claims of solar electricity generation submitted over the next 40 years at the rate of 1 SLR per MWh of solar energy.
  • The Genesis Pool: 500 million Solarcoins (0.5%) are stored in the genesis pool account for environmental charities, early volunteers, advisers, builders and maintainers of SolarCoin infrastructure.
  • Genesis pool circulation is capped so that it will never represent more than 5% of total Solarcoin in circulation.
Genesis Date December 21, 2013 (almost 4 years)
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Kit de Autoconsumo

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El Net Billing es Rentable hasta 20 kW

El net-billing es automático y su beneficio es la sumatoria del ahorro por autoconsumo más la venta de energía a la empresa eléctrica a un precio regulado y definido por la Ley 20.571/21.118 que promueve la generación ciudadana. Nos interesan tus comentarios o consultas.



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